Scrabble gets more interesting and exciting as you try and raise the level of your game. A friendly game of Scrabble within the family is wildly different from a professional local tournament. The quality of your opponent increases at each level. You have to expand your game plan to match their tactics to have any shot at competing with them. You have to train yourself to learn innovative word tips on a regular basis with the help of Scrabble help websites to enhance your game play.


When a player forms a word that covers two Double Word Score (DWS), it is known as a double-double. This move is also regarded as a four-timer by some Scrabble enthusiasts, a successful move like this will leave you with a lot of points on the table. Even a word completed with smaller letters will give you a huge score as the total is then multiplied by 4 (2 x 2). The closest DWS’s on the board are separated by 5 spaces, so your new word has to have at least 7 letters. You can create a new word around the letters already on the board.


Exactly like above, when a player forms a word that covers two Triple Word Score (TWS), it is known as a triple-triple. It is very rare that you are presented with an opportunity to actually conjure up a word that covers two TWS’s. The new word should consist of at least 8 letters as the TWS’s on the table are separated by 6 spaces. The player receives nine times the total word score and this move is also known as the nine-timers. Game over for sure.

You have to improve your word knowledge drastically to ever have a chance at these moves. So rather than being called a Scrabble cheat for blocking your opponent’s move, learn new words with the help of Scrabble word finder and hit them with a double-double or triple-triple.

Rules for Swapping Letters and Tiles in Scrabble

A little-known scrabble rule is the one which allows you to swap letters when it’s your turn instead of utilizing Scrabble cheat. The reason the scrabble letter-swapping rule is not so used, though, is because you have to give up your chance to place a word on the board at that particular time. Since this is a crippling action in most games, people prefer to place meager, low-scoring words which they sometimes learned from word tips to get rid of one or more of the letters they do not want, instead of performing the swap maneuver. If you simply cannot place a word on the scrabble board, then you can swap the letters you want to get rid of and choose from the remaining pile of unused scrabble letters, like you would when replacing letters you have put on the board. Learning Rare Word Lists

One reason people learn lists of scrabble words using Scrabble word finder or Scrabble help with these difficult letters (Q, V, J, X, Z) is that it allows you to place any combination of letters on the scrabble board, thereby avoiding the need for replaced letters. It is always a better idea to play a low-scoring word than scoring no points at all, especially if you can get rid of the unwanted letters. But it is also good to know the rule exists, so you always have it as another alternative. Seven Tiles Must Remain

The only stipulation that might trip you up is the 7-letter stipulation. To legally replace letter tiles on your turn, there must remain at least seven unused letters in the scrabble bag. If the remaining tiles are not up to 7, you cannot exchange letters. Scrabble Rules Interpretation – What It Means

So you swap one of your letter tiles or 7 of your letters or any number in-between. How many you plan on putting back in the bag, you replace. The only time you cannot do this in the game is when there are 6 or less in the scrabble bag. But if you invoke this rule, you lose your ability to place letters on the board that turn.

Tips on Scrabble Word Points and More

Finding that much-coveted word to boost your score big time is the dream and goal of all Scrabble players. Even the masters of this game are yet to discover the best Scrabble help and tactics to be the most respected in their trade. One of the most important things to ensure about your game is the scoring of the words you choose to play - and this doesn't just apply to words that start with x. So, what do experts say about word points and how you can maximize your score?

Scrabble High-Value Words and Scores

A scrabble cheat on bonus points culminates with the remarkable Fifty Bonus Points booster. Is this even possible? Using all the letters in your tile rack, all at the same time is the secret to the fifty-point bonus which is also referred to as a Bingo. However, this is possible only if you have 7 tiles on the rack which means 3 or 4 letters on the rack which usually happens near the endgame are not qualified for the mega points. Bingo is one of the most effective and main keys of acing the game of Scrabble, not to mention it is the most enjoyable and challenging.

Point Value Must-Knows

Scrabble bonus points are accessible on the board such as the triple word, triple letter, double letter, and double word scores. Maximizing your word points and getting high scores are done the fastest way possible through taking advantage of these bonus points. It’s not enough that you use the Scrabble word finder to use the right words on the board. Boost your score through the DLS, TLS, TWS, and DWS tiles to double and triple your score.

Scrabble word tips are important to understand and memorize by heart if you want to master this trade. Learn the point values and steps on how to maximize your scores and win the match!